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Zoom Shares Drop 16% as Growth Slows

The video conferencing company Zoom, which enjoyed massive growth during the coronavirus pandemic, has suffered a 16 percent slide in share price today after the company reported second-quarter earnings that beat expectations but showed slow growth.

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Oklahoma City U. Virtual Graduation ‘Zoom Bombed’ by Racist Heckler

Oklahoma City University’s virtual graduation ceremony was interrupted over the weekend by a hacker that replaced the broadcast with racist images. “Zoom bombing,” a term which was popularized at the outset of the Chinese virus pandemic, is an unwanted disruption to a Zoom meeting by an intruder who is able to take control of a meeting.

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Zoom Reaches 300 Million Users Despite Security Flaws

Video conferencing service Zoom has reportedly reached 300 million users despite its growing number of security and privacy issues. The company’s userbase has surged 50% in just the last month based on the economy and education system relying on the service.

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4 Zoom Security Settings to Prevent ‘Zoom Bombing’

Video conferencing software Zoom has faced criticism in recent weeks for its vulnerability to “Zoom bombing” in which people connect to private calls to generally cause mayhem. Here are four key steps you can take to prevent the disruption of meetings whether for work or school.

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Report: Business Partners Shocked by the Number of Security Flaws in Zoom

A recent report from The New York Times reveals that file-hosting service Dropbox privately paid hackers to find bugs in the software of video conferencing firm Zoom and then pressured the company to fix them. It reportedly took more than three months for Zoom to fix one of the security lapses identified by Dropbox.

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Report: Hackers Are Selling a Zoom Software Exploit for $500,000

According to a recent report, hackers are selling two critical vulnerabilities for the video conferencing software Zoom that could allow people to gain access to private accounts and spy on calls. The price for an exploit that would allow a hacker to take control of a Zoom user’s computer is reportedly $500,000.

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Report: Foreign Spies Eavesdropping on Zoom Meetings

According to a recent report from Time, U.S. Intel Officials believe that foreign spies are targeting video chatting platforms such as Zoom to spy on business executives, government officials, and scientists using the apps during the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

Britain's cyber-spooks are reaching beyond the shroud of secrecy in a bid to harness the "exciting attitude of start-up land" to defend the country against hackers

Sergeant-At-Arms Tells Senators to Stop Using Zoom

The U.S. Senate Sergeant-at-Arms has reportedly advised members to cease the use of video conferencing app Zoom following a number of security issues being made public in recent weeks. The New York City Department of Education, Google, and the Taiwanese government have all banned the use of Zoom.

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Taiwan Government Bans Use of Zoom over Security Concerns

Taiwan has reportedly banned the use of the Zoom video conferencing app for official government business due to security concerns, making it the first government to do so. The decision comes on the heels of the New York City Department of Education banning Zoom, and may be motivated in part by the news that Zoom routed meeting traffic through China.

Taiwan votes in crucial election as China's shadow looms

Zoom CEO Apologizes for Security Issues, ‘Zoom Bombing’

The CEO of video conferencing powerhouse Zoom has apologized for the app’s numerous security issues allowing tricksters to derail meetings by “Zoom bombing” as it reaches 200 million daily users. Among other measures, Zoom will devote all its engineering resources to safety and security.

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