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At Breitbart Tech, we’ve hired a team of veteran reporters, insightful commentators, and biting satirists to bring you a product you won’t find anywhere else in tech journalism. Our team will bring you fearless investigative reporting, breaking news and unmissable commentary.

Writers from throughout Breitbart’s global network of reporters and columnists will also contribute to Breitbart Tech, along with invited experts and guests from the fields of journalism, academia, and Hollywood.

This page will be regularly updated with new contributors and reporters.


Noah Dulis is the Deputy Managing Editor for Breitbart News and has been with the company since 2012. Noah’s been playing games for as long as he can remember, from his earliest memories of his parents’ Apple IIe to creating boot disks and figuring out the command prompt for MS-DOS in grade school to upgrading his first PC to a whopping 32 MB of RAM to meet the system requirements for Ground Control. Since starting with Breitbart News as an Associate Editor, he has worked on covering gaming news and reviews for the site and pushed for a dedicated space for gaming, tech, and geek news.

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Milo Yiannopoulos is one of Europe’s best-known journalists and broadcasters. A former technology columnist for the UK’s Daily Telegraph, Yiannopoulos also founded The Kernel, a highly influential technology magazine. He has been responsible for groundbreaking stories on some of the biggest issues in technology, videogames, and internet culture, including the GamerGate controversy, and is a go-to commentator on a wide range of hot-button cultural issues in print and on television.

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Senior reporter

Richard Lewis is a veteran eSports journalist who has been covering the field for over 10 years, breaking many of the biggest stories in the industry. Lewis worked for 6 years as an eSports editor for Tek-9, Cadred, and eSports Heaven, and more recently was the Daily Dot’s senior eSports correspondent. He’s now bringing his world-leading coverage to Breitbart Tech.

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Lizzy Finnegan is a ginger, a gamer, and a political nonconformist. So that’s three reasons to socially ostracize her. She writes a regular column on video games for The Escapist, with a focus on retro titles. She also writes for on politics.

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 Sabrina Lianne is a writer based in Southampton, gainfully employed despite the handicap of a humanities degree. She is a commentator on issues relating to freedom of speech, geek culture and video games, and a frequent critic of the modern ‘social justice’ and feminist movements.

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avqqizXz_400x400ALLUM BOKHARI

Allum Bokhari is a liberal Breitbart writer, a rare and mythical creature whose existence is still the subject of enthusiastic debate. When he isn’t causing cognitive dissonance, he’s breaking stories about new political movements, obscure online communities, and the emerging millennial culture wars. Prior to becoming a journalist, Bokhari worked in politics as an intern to a British Government Minister and then as a political consultant. 

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5464656WILL ROSS

Will Ross is a researcher, writer, and open internet activist who reports on digital life and culture from Omaha, Nebraska, currently living in the Chicagoland area. He’s worked with digital activists, ProPublica, consumer revolts, and journalists for major newspapers (along with some trolling and content creation) before settling down to report for Breitbart Tech. He’s been playing with computers and technology for over 20 well spent years, but usually shaves his neckbeard.

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Nate Church is a classic retail refugee, having managed for one of the biggest entertainment retailers in the world. He’s also been a counselor and a stand-up comedian. His interest in all things dorky began with the Intellivision, and he’s been virtually impossible to deal with in Real Life(tm) ever since. He’s got the pallor of a sunless basement dweller and the heart of a (terrible) poet. He’s pretty snarky, which serves him well in both gaming journalism and fatherhood. He’s also violently allergic to social media but trying to build up a tolerance. He’s too liberal and too conservative for anyone in politics to like him very much.

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