Thank You, Breitbart Tech Readers

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I’ve just had a toe-curling, lip-quivering, spine-warping monster of a wank. And no, it’s not because they just announced Poor Little White Guy 4.

It’s because Cassie Jaye, the feminist filmmaker who dared to make a fair-minded documentary about the men’s rights movement, just sailed past professional victim Anita Sarkeesian on Kickstarter in funding for The Red Pill despite a feminist campaign to slander the former and the entire media establishment lining up behind the latter.

Sarkeesian, regular readers will recall, is the rent-a-gob feminist who only managed to raise $158,922 despite going on a roadshow media tour with the alleged “abuse” and “harassment” she says she received on Twitter, while Jaye, who was cut loose from institutional support and funding after she declined to make her film about the men’s rights movement a paint-by-numbers hit job.

It took this column and the support of the public to raise the money Jaye needed to get her movie finished. She has been the subject of a feminist smear campaign ever since. Contrary to feminist fibs about Jaye’s movie being “MRA-funded,” the filmmaker has said Kickstarter support has come from people of all genders, persuasions and political leanings.

It’s childish to take pleasure in such an arbitrary milestone, I know, but I’m enjoying the spectacle, frankly. The tide of public opinion is turning swiftly and firmly against dotty feminists; expect many more such successful projects in the future that challenge third-wave orthodoxy in the media.

Anyone got a tissue?

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