Remember These Early-2000s Donald Trump ‘Video Ringtones’?


In ancient times, before smartphones, custom ringtones were all the rage. If you were particularly wealthy and successful and one of life’s winners, you could even purchase a custom video ringtone.

Naturally, that was the types of ringtone offered by Donald Trump, now the GOP frontrunner, who recorded several inimitable greetings for the amusement of his fans.

For over a decade, these ringtones were lost to time. But I’m delighted to say that today, thanks to our incomparable network of sources, Breitbart Tech can exclusively share them with you. They include such gems as: “This is Donald Trump. Remember, the buck starts here, and your phone is ringing. So pick it up already.”

And: “This is Donald Trump. Pick up your phone. Get the chit-chat out of the way, and get down to business. You got it?”

There’s even five minutes of Trump trying out the catchphrases in front of a green screen. There are multiple takes, and you even get to hear a rare F-bomb from The Donald.

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