Shaun King Pens Furious Open Letter… To Fake Twitter Account


Shaun King’s descent into madness took an ugly turn yesterday when he resorted to using his New York Daily News platform to rant at a Twitter user who didn’t exist: a Twitter parody of armed protestor Ammon Bundy.

King knows all about confected identities, of course. But it appears as though the social pressure thanks to his recent excommunication from Black Lives Matter, due in part of course to revelations from yours truly, is starting to have an effect on his judgment.

In a rambling, open letter to the fictional Bundy account, King writes:

Dear Ammon Bundy,

An apple is not a doorknob. A football is not a computer. A pencil is not a telephone.

All true, of course. We might add: “A parody account is not the person they’re impersonating.” But it goes downhill from there for transracial icon King:

I know it’s below freezing at night in the Malheur Wildlife Refuge and it appears that while you were shivering, your butt somehow miraculously typed and sent a tweet stating that your armed takeover there was just like Rosa Parks refusing to get out of her seat in the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott.

The really baffling element of the story is that Shaun King was aware that Ammon Bundy was claiming that he didn’t own the account — and didn’t write the Tweet — before the article was published. He simply didn’t care:

It should be noted that Ryan Bundy, the brother Ammon, claims his brother did not author the tweet about Rosa Parks and that the account widely believed to belong to Ammon is not being managed by him.

Still, I’m going to operate under the assumption that you, or someone pretending to be you, sleep-tweeted that foolishness.

King then proceeded to act like he had no inclination that it was a fake account, and lectured the world on all the minute differences between the militia leader and Rosa Parks. Groundbreaking stuff.

After being hounded by readers, King was apparently so embarrassed by the whole debacle that he deleted his original tweet about the story. Yet the New York Daily News, mirabile dictu, has kept the piece online for us to marvel at. What a time to be alive.

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