Queen Takes King: A Complete History Of My Reporting On Shaun King

Shaun King

It looks like “police brutality” activist Shaun King’s power to race-bait may finally be over: Black Lives Matter has excommunicated him, leaving New York Daily News with some tough decisions to make.

To help them come to a responsible conclusion, here’s my complete set of reporting about the man that newspaper has employed as its “senior justice writer.”

Did Black Lives Matter Organizer Shaun King Mislead Oprah Winfrey By Pretending To Be Biracial?

Shaun King Doesn’t Rebut Story About His Racial History in Twitter Meltdown

International Media Go Nuts Over Shaun King’s Race Scandal

Family Members and Childhood Friends Confirm Shaun King Is White

Black Sheep: The People Still Defending Shaun King

Shaun King’s Wife Defends Him, Still Doesn’t Answer the Race Question

Shaun King Tells MSNBC: My Dad’s Black but I’m Not Giving You Any Details and You Can’t Ask Questions

5 Questions for Shaun King That Have Nothing to Do with Race

Shaun King Confession: I Have No Idea Who My Father Is

Shaun King Supporters Cook Up New Conspiracy Theory, Still Smarting Because Their Hero Isn’t Black

Black Activists Turn on Shaun King for Collapse of ‘Justice Together’ Org, Financial Irregularities

Here Are All The Times White Man Shaun King Has Said ‘N****r’

Shaun King Tried To Charge Reporter $7,500 Plus Expenses For A Speech On Gender

Shaun King Fires Blanks on Gun Control

Shaun King Just Sent Me The Greatest Email Any Journalist Has Ever Received

Black Lives Matter Leaders Just Excommunicated Shaun King

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