Disney Creates YouTube Network Starring PewDiePie


Disney’s Maker Studios has decided to bankroll the Internet’s favorite guy-who-screams-into-a-microphone, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg.

PewDiePie, the Internet’s most successful YouTuber, will now be a featured character on Disney’s new Revelmode online network. “YouTube’s biggest star” recently grabbed some face time with Katie Couric to discuss his meteoric rise, and described the future evolution of his career as being uncertain, saying, “I don’t know yet,” in response to questions regarding his future plans. It’s looking a bit more certain now.

Kjellberg will join a host of other popular YouTube streaming personalities on Revelmode, produced by Maker Studios — a group of YouTubers that Disney acquired for $500,000,000 just last year. Among the announced collaborators are Internet sensations MarkiplierCutiePieMarzia, and EmmaBlackery.

Disney has previously expressed confidence in Maker’s future, predicting that it will be “[like] Marvel or Lucasfilm.” With branding like PewDiePie’s, that prediction isn’t looking so far-fetched anymore.

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