Intel Admits No Gender Pay Gap at Company

AP Photo/Paul Sakuma
AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

Leading computer processor manufacturer Intel admitted that there is no gender pay gap to be found within the company in their annual diversity report on Wednesday.

“Intel has long been committed to paying our employees fairly and equitably at all levels of the organisation,” stated Intel under the “fair pay” section of the new report. “In 2015 we conducted a further compensation analysis examining gender pay parity for U.S. employees across job types and levels, which showed a net result of 100% pay parity. We’re incredibly proud of this result”.

Despite Intel’s claim of achievement, it should be noted that in the United States it is illegal to pay an employee less or more based on gender and has been since 1963.

“The first time we ran that analysis and the result came back at 100 percent, we nearly fell out of our chairs,” stated Intel’s chief diversity officer in a statement. “Upon reflection, though, it is not surprising. It is the result of a decade of attention to detail at every decision step.”

Last year, Intel laid off $300 million worth of employees, the same amount of money it previously pledged to their diversity program, which included partnering with controversial authoritarian video series Feminist Frequency. Since then employees have been asked to attend “MicroInequities™” diversity training, and a percentage of the money has been used to combat “online harassment” through their Hack Harassment partnership with left-wing media giant Vox and Lady Gaga.

In the report, Intel states their intentions to expand this analysis to include the pay parity of minorities in the company. As it is also illegal to pay employees differently based on race, Intel will no doubt come back with another round of positive results to congratulate themselves over.

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