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Study: Gender Pay Gap Caused By Girls Aspiring to Lower-Paid Jobs

An important driver behind the so-called gender pay gap is that teenage girls aspire to lower-paid careers than boys, according to a major new study. Analysing data collected from nearly 8,000 teenagers in Britain, researchers at University College London (UCL)’s


Think Progress Editor Mocks Audi for Equal Pay Super Bowl Ad

The editor of Think Progress, the publication of the progressive Center for American Progress, slammed Audi on Sunday for pandering to feminists by airing a Super Bowl ad advocating gender pay equality while its board of directors is all male.

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Dan Gainor: Anti-Trump Media Wanted the Patriots to Lose

Dan Gainor, vice president of Business and Culture at the Media Research Center, talked to Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow about all things Super Bowl on Monday, from the Audi ad on an alleged gender pay gap to Lady Gaga’s halftime performance.

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Mothers Earn Less As They Choose to Work Fewer Hours, Report Confirms

Mothers who return to work earn less per hour than their male counterparts as they work fewer hours resulting in fewer promotional opportunities, the Institute for Fiscal studies has found. Despite personal choice being a clear factor, calls have been

Around 8,000 employers will have to publish their average pay and bonus gap between genders, the results of which will be posted in a league table to be first published in 2018

Intel Admits No Gender Pay Gap at Company

Leading computer processor manufacturer Intel admitted that there is no gender pay gap to be found within the company in their annual diversity report on Wednesday.

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