Watch: Teenagers React to Windows 95


The Fine Bros are exposing kids to the most shocking reaction content they’ve ever attempted. Yes, that’s right: Windows 95.

“It’s a Dell. Not the singer, but a DELL?”

“I see these in like, old libraries.”

“Are these the ones that take floppy disks and stuff?”

And it gets better from there. If you want to terrify a millenial more than any night at Freddy’s, just sit them in front of a machine that doesn’t have enough juice to run more than one social network at once. “This is like, the first computer ever made,” exclaimed one. She appeared stunned that the first computer ever made would have been the “size of this room” according to the man behind the camera.

Watch them struggle to turn on the computer. They repeatedly attacking the monitor’s power switch, despite the fact that modern desktops still have respective power switches for the tower and its screen. But we’re here for hilarious reactions, not genius.

Logging into AOL in order to access the internet proved especially problematic. “If you go somewhere and don’t have wi-fi, that’s like the worst thing that could ever happen to you,” apparently.

Even basic navigation of the operating system posed some serious questions. Participants were aghast that the start button didn’t exist before Windows 95: “So no one could even use computers?” In fact, the explanation of DOS alone is worth watching the video to witness. The unmistakable expression of a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming semi was followed by immediate rejection:

“That seems like way too much work, though.”

“I would just not use a computer.”

In that context, the kids had nothing but praise for Windows 95’s numerous inventions.:”Bill Gates is basically the father of software… cause he’s just created and made so much that expanded on our whole technicalogical (sic) universe.”

Not that they’d be willing to install it. Informed of the hours-long process of a thirteen floppy disk installation of the OS elicited the response, “If it takes more than five minutes, I get pretty frustrated.”

So next time you’re feeling a bit long in the tooth as everyone at the dinner table is rapidly tapping out a detailed explanation of the food on their plate, just remember the cries for mercy that round out the video: “It’s not my fault I was born after this!”

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