Amazon Japan Now Offering International Shipping for Games


Whether you’re frustrated by poor game localization or are just a fan of Japanese gaming in general, Amazon Japan has decided to help you out.

In the wake of Fire Emblem Fates’ pitiful localization and the resulting controversy within the gaming community, Amazon Japan is taking steps toward a compromise.

NeoGAF users have reported that Amazon Japan now features an English language option for browsing the site and converts all purchasing information to the relevant language and currency, as well as shipping internationally. While it doesn’t yet work with existing non-Japanese Amazon accounts,  you can easily create one in order to order games that might otherwise be difficult to obtain.

The selection isn’t comprehensive, but it’s much better than nothing at all. For ambitious fans of Japanese games, it’s measurable progress. It’s also a great way for those concerned with meddling in the creative process of games by localization teams to vote with their wallets and support the releases they believe in.

Even though the change does nothing to remedy the core issue — games being censored for social or political reasons to avoid offending sensitive Westerners — it does provide a legitimate alternative for those who’d rather not support the antics of Treehouse-esque localization.

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