‘Destiny’ April Update Preview Part 2: Infusion Overhaul, Gear Customization, and More


In the second video preview for Destiny’s April Update, Bungie walked through some of the new rewards you can earn in The Reef. If you missed the previous video covering new activities coming to Destiny, we’ve covered that, too.

First things first: A quest kiosk has been added to The Reef so you won’t have to head back to The Tower to access quests on your way to Light level 335. It’s a small quality of life improvement that will minimize the number of loading screens you need to worry about in your adventures.

There are several new sets of armor and weapons available to Guardians braving the imminent danger of the Taken remnant. Among these are collectible Taken-styled armor and weapons. A Taken-themed “Desolate” gear set will reward you with a Taken “jitter” emote should you piece together the entire thing.

To further customize your individual Guardian, Bungie is implementing glowing Chroma “heat-sinks” for both weapons and armor, giving your gear a white, red, yellow, or blue accent glow.

You can show off your new duds with any of about a dozen new emotes purchasable for real cash at the Eververse Trading Company, should you be so inclined. You can also ride in style with new faction-specific Sparrows.

But if you still prefer the classics to the new hotness, don’t worry. Infusion is getting a pretty major change. Instead of combining two items and splitting the power level difference, the new infusion simply overwrites the weaker item with the stronger attack/defense stats, allowing you to give your favorite gear an immediate jump to end-game viability. It’s a great change, taking one of the most annoying iterative processes in the game and making it… well, fun. Imagine that!

Many of these items will come from the new “Sterling Treasure” mystery boxes. Each box guarantees at least one item, with several others possible depending on your luck.

With the pile of new loot and all that stuff you’ve been packratting from past exploits, an expanded equipment vault is welcome news indeed. And while you’re trying to get that perfect shot of all your Guardian’s combined riches, you can finally disable the HUD for that selfie.

That’s all for the second video update. We’ll cover the third and final April Update preview when it drops next week. Stay tuned, Guardians.

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