Shaun King Says He Is 75% White

shaun king

Former Black Lives Matter figurehead Shaun King has now revealed he is 75% white in an attempt to clear up ongoing allegations about his racial identity.

King, 36, said in a Facebook post that his “mother is white” and that he is “3/4ths” white, but claimed “I ‘look’ Blacker” than other civil rights activists.

However, King has previously admitted to not knowing who his father is.

In August of 2015, King said, “Until this past week, never has anyone asked me who my father was during these 35 years of mine. It occurs to me now that I’ve never asked anyone that question either.”

In his most recent post, he compares himself to the likes of great civil rights activists such as John Hope, Mordecai Johnson, and Walter Francis White, saying, “We are each complex racial characters.”

“Were those men white? Of course not. Ultimately, you and I know that race is a social construct created to marginalize and oppress people,” King claimed.

“When I say I’m Black, or when these three men (or Barack Obama or Halle Berry or Alicia Keys) say that, we all know that our truth is more nuanced than that, but we also know that this is America,” he added.

King was recently accused of plagiarizing two paragraphs from an article by Kate Briquelet on police brutality for The Daily Beast. He also faces questions about what happened to funds raised for Haiti earthquake victims.

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