Brent Bozell: Milo Silly, ‘An Embarrassment to Breitbart’ for Criticizing Facebook Meeting


President of the Media Research Center Brent Bozell called Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos “an embarrassment” to Breitbart News after he criticized Bozell and over a dozen other conservatives for attending a meeting with Facebook over allegations of suppressing conservatives on the social media platform.

Bozell attempted to defend Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Fox News’s Cavuto: Coast to Coast before he was asked about Breitbart’s rejection and criticism of the meeting, which Breitbart Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon and Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow dubbed a “pat conservatives on the head session” and a giant photo-op.

“The Breitbart folks who were invited skipped out saying it was sort of a grand photo-op. What did you make of their protest?” asked Fox’s Neil Cavuto.

“Silly,” replied Bozell. “And I think the person who’s been writing about it is an embarrassment to Breitbart. I think it really is the kind of defeatist and angry and thoroughly unproductive way of looking at the world, to say that when there’s an opportunity to attempt to fix a problem that we as conservatives would rather not even try. I mean that’s silly.”

Bozell was one of sixteen reported conservatives that attended the meeting with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to discuss the allegations that the social network has been purposely suppressing conservative news stories and outlets.

Also in attendance was Bozell’s son David, The Blaze founder Glenn Beck, Fox News’ Dana Perino, Trump adviser Barry Bennett, and nearly a dozen other establishment conservatives. David Bozell lashed out at Breitbart News this morning on Twitter:


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