Report: eSports Injuries on the Rise, Little Help Offered in Response

AP Photo/Jacques Brinon, File
AP Photo/Jacques Brinon, File

The eSports scene is developing a serious problem over the healthcare of their competitors, according to a report from Vocativ.

In an industry expected to nearly triple its $748 million value within the next couple of years, you’d think the well-being of its stars would be a top priority. Unfortunately, that’s does not appear to be the case. More and more, competitors in the infancy of an industry growing toward billions in revenue are being left behind due to cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injury.

The virtual athletics of contenders are producing real-world problems that, by and large, the world of eSports ignores. Part of this is no doubt due to the common and inaccurate stigma surrounding participants. When the general public perceives competitors as minimally functional geeks, it’s hard to muster empathy when discussing injuries received through play.

But being a professional eSports player requires tens of thousands of hours of study, practice, and stress. That investment may or may not pay off, much like traditional sports figures. And regardless of whether participants ever win big, they’ve sunk years of their lives into the pursuit. When injury strikes, all of that can simply disappear.

eSports careers are notoriously short and unstable, making the problem an easy one to ignore. For now, players are predominantly in charge of finding their own treatments and solutions. The injuries are also significantly less severe than those which other professional athletes sustain.

But this industry is also younger, and the players are often barely more than children themselves. If the industry continues to grow at its current astronomical rate, it will require more forethought in regards to the futures of those who strive for digital gold.

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