Deray Mckesson Hacked On Twitter, ‘Endorses’ Donald Trump


Black Lives Matter figurehead DeRay Mckesson seemed to be having some problems with his Twitter account today.

Earlier today, Mckesson’s account became the latest in a string of high-profile Twitter hacks. Users began to take notice after the activist sent out some, well, out-of-character tweets.


2016-06-10_16h00_55 2016-06-10_16h01_13

Teridax, for those of you who are unaware, is a troll and hacker of considerable renown in underground web communities.

Mckesson went on to question the physical stature of conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, and posted a shout-out to a one Robert Zimmerman Jr, brother of George Zimmerman.

2016-06-10_16h01_29 2016-06-10_16h01_47

Mckesson now seems to have retrieved his account, as all of the tweets have been deleted. But his messages still provoked considerable alarm amongst his followers.

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