Professor Calls for Shooting at NRA HQ, Asks for ‘No Survivors’

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

A professor at Southern State Community College is under investigation after someone reported his June 13th Facebook post which called for a mass shooting at the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Va.

James Pearce, the Southern State Community College professor in question, took to Facebook in June after the shooting at the Pulse night club with this call to action: “Look, there’s only one solution. A bunch of us anti-gun types are going to have to arm ourselves, storm the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, VA, and make sure there are no survivors,” Pearce wrote. “This action might also require coordinated hits at remote sites, like Washington lobbyists. Then and only then will we see some legislative action on assault weapons. Have a nice day.”

Cursed with a lethal sense of humor, a wickedTalent unknown until recently, able toRaise the dead and rile them up. …

Posted by James Pearce on Monday, June 13, 2016

Kris Cross, Director of Public Relations for Southern State Community College, claimed that the college’s protocol indicates that  local authorities would likely be notified about Pearce’s threat. 

“In general, the college would alert local authorities about any threats that were made known to the college, especially any threats made to students, faculty or staff,” she explained. “We have a good working relationship with the police jurisdictions covering each of our four campuses, and trust they would follow their protocols for reporting to other agencies. As I understand it, a report does not necessarily mean an investigation.”

Pearce’s comments were reported to the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security on June 17 by administrators at Southern State Community College. The college’s Security and Emergency Response coordinator Gary Heaton claimed that “the Attorney General advised [SSCC Vice President] Dr. Roades to take no action until the Feds had completed an investigation.”

The post, which still remains live on Pearce’s Facebook page, has over 200 shares and a long comment chain. 

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