Twitter Will Answer Your Questions Today At 2PM Pacific Time

March 2006: Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey (@jack) sent the first tweet, an automated message saying "just setting up my twttr" and later the same day, he sent the first live tweet, "inviting coworkers"

Do you have a burning question to ask Twitter? Something about their rampant political censorship, perhaps? Or their blatant double standards? Or why Jack Dorsey has such bad facial hair?

You’ll get a chance to do so today at 2:00 PM Pacific Time (5:00 PM Eastern) on Twitter.

Today is the day of Twitter’s quarterly earnings report, which is Twitter’s chance to explain to the world – and investors – why it isn’t a financial failure. It’s a task that’s been getting progressively harder each year.

In a relic of times when the platform listened to its users, Twitter also uses the earnings report to ask its users how to make the platform better. Anyone can ask the company a question by using the hashtag #TWTR and tagging the account @TwitterIR (Twitter Investor Relations).

It’s a unique opportunity for users who may be – for whatever reason – dissatisfied with the platform to get the attention of investors.

With growth and user retention a persistent problem, Twitter would like to convince investors that its recent actions have the support of its userbase.

The last thing it wants is for hundreds of those users, angry at the company’s recent direction, to descend on its #TWTR hashtag, in full view of investors and the press, to air their discontent.

So, if you want to make Jack Dorsey happy, you absolutely shouldn’t do that.

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