Nick Denton Begs Peter Thiel: Leave Sam Biddle Alone!

Stephen Yang/New York Post via AP
Stephen Yang/New York Post via AP

Speaking on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Gawker CEO Nick Denton implored Peter Thiel to accept his victory and stop targeting the company’s employees.

Denton, who recently filed for personal bankruptcy, announcing the move in a memo to Gawker staff this Monday. This came after a judge denied Gawker’s attempts to shield its CEO from liability for the $140 million owed by the company to Hulk Hogan, following the former wrestler’s successful lawsuit against Gawker over their posting of his private sex tape in 2012.

With both Gawker and its CEO set to go bankrupt, Denton implored Peter Thiel, who funded Hogan’s lawsuit, to stop going after his workers. Denton also indicated that Sam Biddle, one of Gawker’s more notorious bloggers, was a specific target.

Asked what he would say if Thiel were in the studio, Denton said “It’s like… You bankrupted the company. You bankrupted me personally. Why are you still going after Sam Biddle, a journalist [and] John Cook, our executive editor? Why are you targeting individual journalists because you’re upset with the coverage?”

Watch Denton’s full appearance on CNBC below.

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