Gawker Ceases Operations, Posts Goodbyes


All operations at have ceased from today, after Univision purchased the controversial news outlet last week and announced the main site’s closure.

In a post titled “Closing the Book on,” reporter Josh Laurito summarized the website’s different statistics over the years, saying the outlet’s last goodbyes.

“As you may have heard, this week marks the end of’s operations,” wrote Laurito in the post. “If you didn’t read it here, you may have read about it in the bushel of eulogies that our colleagues at other publications have produced over the last few days.”

Since it’s not totally clear to me what will happen to the site’s archives or how long I will have access to data about the site, today seems like a good time to jot down some of the numbers we have about our writers, our community, and posts.

In the final piece, Laurito boasts that Gawker published 202,370 articles, featured 420 different writers, and received around 7 billion page views since its conception in 2003. He also listed the number of articles posted in relation to different popular tags, as well as a table showing which writers published the most content on the site.

Gawker was sold to Univision after both the news outlet and it’s CEO, Nick Denton, were forced to file for bankruptcy after being ordered by the courts to pay $140 million to former wrestler Hulk Hogan, after the outlet posted a clip from Hogan’s sex tape without permission.

“That’s all I have for you. Goodbye,” concluded Laurito. “I hope you enjoy running free on that big content farm in the sky.”

In a piece for New York magazine last week, former Gawker Editor-In-Chief Max Read claimed that the journalistic ethics and consumer revolt movement, GamerGate, was Gawker’s most effective enemy over the last two years.

A handful of’s staff writers have transferred to the media organization’s other subsites, such as Jezebel and Deadspin, though it is not certain what will happen with Gawker’s other contributors.

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