Offended By Breitbart’s Headlines? Here Are Some From The Left Wing Media


Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party have been quick to attack various opinion piece headlines on Breitbart since executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon joined the Trump campaign earlier this month. During her speech in Reno, Nevada today, Clinton even quoted headlines from our very own Milo.

These include some of Milo’s most provocative gems including “Would You Rather Your Child Had Feminism Or Cancer?” and “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive And Crazy.” This followed an earlier Democrat attack ad that highlighted Breitbart’s most snowflake-unfriendly headlines. The Democrats should be more considerate — broadcasting our headlines to their supporters without any trigger warnings is sure to put them in therapy.

Yet they don’t seem to be so concerned about the racist, sexist, and often downright bizarre headlines from their own side’s outlets. They include outright hatred of straight white males, pedophile advocacy, So we decided to make a list of some of them.

The Huffington Post


White People Should Be Banned from Doing Yoga


In this piece, the Huffington Post’s Matthew Terrell argues that everyone should “stick to their own race”, and stop “culturally appropriating” clothes, food, and art.

“Seriously folks, how hard is this to understand, and how often do we have to keep repeating it: White people are continuing to recreate colonialist violence with their cultural consumption. It has to stop” opens Terrell in his story.

“The only way to end systemic racism and insensitive problematics is to force everyone to stick to their own race when it comes to the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the art we appreciate, and the life we live. Anybody enjoying a cultural product that is not there’s—whether it be a eating traditional meal or wearing a sacred garment—is guilty of cultural appropriation. This violence must be stopped! You should only be allowed to enjoy the culture of your own race.”


The Dirty Lie That All Lives Matter


In this story, blogger Kelly A Scaletta argues why the term “All Lives Matter” is “ugly” and “racist.

“Every time there’s a police shooting involving an unarmed or unthreatening black man, you can bet there is going to be one ugly and racist phrase slung about. And no, I don’t mean Black Lives Matter. I mean the “counter” to that “All Lives Matter”” writes Scaletta.

“When you counter with “All Lives Matter,” you discount the entire history of our nation and the current realities of its institutional racism. You parrot a racist apology masquerading as a feel-good slogan.

Simply put: Do you agree with the way the system as it currently is?

If so, by definition, you are a racist because you are promoting the continuation of institutional racism.”


I Am A White Mother Demanding An End To White Privilege


“White privilege. A term that I don’t even think I knew about until less than ten years ago and honestly didn’t really believe in until becoming a public health nurse six years ago” wrote mother and nurse Amanda Redhead in her article on why white people should be ashamed of their “privilege”. “I am ashamed that I once believed, not too far into my own history, that white privilege was something that existed only generations ago and had been eradicated”.

“I will not look away. I will not. Not until every mother in this country can sleep with the knowledge that their sons will not be murdered for any tiny infraction. Not until the murders,these modern day legal lynchings with no consequences for the murderers, have ended. Not until every child has the same rights as my own.”


The New Yorker


Dog Or Jewish Boyfriend? A Quiz

This piece, which appeared in a publication named for a city with a proud Jewish heritage, was authored by none other than Hollywood’s leading feminist, Lena Dunham, a woman who’s also fond of telling the world about her disturbing childhood sexual experiments with her kid sister. The piece is mostly just her complaining.

“One spring afternoon, we walked to Dumbo to check out a new artisanal-Popsicle stand, when we ran into my friend Jill. Jill is actually more of an acquaintance—I don’t know her well, but I really like her; she curates high-end terrariums and she’s a clog designer on the side. She’s really slim and well dressed, in an all-American, J. Crew-model sort of way. He was immediately all over her, panting and making a fool of himself. It was humiliating. Because here’s the thing: I am not a Jill. I will never be a Jill. And if that’s what he is looking for—some anorexic hipster with a glossy braid and freaking Swedish clog boots she sewed by hand—he should never have set his sights on me in the first place.”




Meet Pedophiles Who Mean Well


This story acted as Salon’s debut article for pedophile apologists, where writer Tracy Clark-Flory attempted to normalize self-proclaimed pedophiles, treating them like your usual functioning members of society, who also just so happened to lust over four year-old girls.

“Nick Devin is a happily married man in his mid-60s with four grown children” writes Clark-Flory. “But he’s also a pedophile. While he experiences some attraction to adult women, he only fantasizes about pubescent boys — and none of his family or friends know. He says he’s never acted on his desires, though.”

During the piece, Clark-Flory speaks to numerous pedophiles in an attempt to “shine a spotlight on the sort of pedophiles that don’t make the evening news” and listen to their stories.


I’m a pedophile, but not a monster


Self-proclaimed pedophile Todd Nickerson uses his debut piece at Salon to convince readers that he’s not a monster.

“So, please, be understanding and supportive.  It’s really all we ask of you” writes Nickerson, after describing his personal experiences.

“Treat us like people with a massive handicap we must overcome, not as a monster.  If we are going to make it in the world without offending, we need your help. Listening to me was a start.”


Salon’s resident pedophile, Todd Nickerson, returns to the outlet just a week later to complain about the “vile right-wing hate machine” that attacked him online after his article the week before, branding everyone else as the monsters for refusing to accept him.

“My takeaway from all of this right-wing bile is the same thing I realized about the vigilante groups who persecuted us: these people really don’t care about protecting kids” wrote Nickerson in his piece, where he also attacked Breitbart’s reaction to the Salon debut.

“They have a political investment in maintaining a hardline approach to anyone who defies their simplistic black-and-white worldview; if kids are harmed because some pedophiles weren’t able to come forward and seek help in this apocalyptic environment, well then, they’re just collateral damage.”



Salon’s third article surrounding pedophile Todd Nickerson features a video interview with him, where Nickerson describes the first time he felt feelings for a child.

“And she was just standing there watching me, and I remember looking up and just seeing her and going ‘wow, she’s beautiful'” proclaimed Nickerson. “I knew I was in deep. I had a falling for the girl”.


We Brought This On Ourselves: After Paris, It Is Time To Square Our “Values” With Our History


What, you though it was only pedophiles that Salon makes apologies for? Not in the slightest — as you can see from this headline, they do Islamic terrorists too.

“No one, once again, asks the simple question, “Why?” This line of inquiry is so obvious, and so obviously of use in devising an effective response—know your enemy and his motivations, as any military strategist will tell you—that our avoidance of it amounts to a pathology at this point.

In the face of tragedy after tragedy and a security situation that worsens without letup, we in Western societies resolutely decline to enter upon the subject of causality. We do not even wonder why it is the so-called “major Western powers”—not Brazilians, say, not Tanzanians or New Zealanders—who are almost always the targets of what we now have to call terror in what we may now have to call a war.

The Guardian


Feminists don’t hate men. But it wouldn’t matter if we did


“Most feminists, like me, shun the label and work to convince people that despite the stereotypes feminists absolutely, without a doubt, do not hate men” wrote notorious feminist, Jessica Valenti, in her column for the Guardian last year. “But so what if we did?”

“It’s not that I recommend hating men or think it a particularly wise use of one’s time, but to each her own. Straight white men still hold the majority of political, economic and social power in the world, and everyone else struggles to make their lives work with less. So if the worst thing that happens to a man is that a woman doesn’t like him …well, he has it pretty damn good”.


My country is a racist country – built on the lie of freedom and opportunity


Notorious fatty Lindy West uses an entire column to convince people that America is a racist country, where no matter your actions, you’re a bigot if you have white skin.

“As we all know from the anguished howls of quivering white people that erupt any time a person of colour expresses any dissatisfaction about being murdered by police, disenfranchised by voter suppression, trapped in cycles of systemic poverty and/or treated like a criminal when they’re just trying to buy a horrible, $49 mauve bodysack, nobody in the world is ever racist, except for actual KKK members and the ghost of George Wallace” proclaims West in her article.

“As Martin Luther King said in his famous speech Hey, Don’t Criticise White People, ahem: “Criticising white people is mean because they don’t like it. Instead, be nice to them no matter what they do. It’s racist for white guys NOT to use the N-word, if you think about it. PS Elvis invented rock and roll.””


In Silicon Valley, young white males are stealing the future from everyone else


“Relatively young white males overwhelmingly run Silicon Valley firms and they are stealing the future from everyone else…” complained Richard Watson in his opinion piece for the Guardian.

“Many of the men behind these hugely powerful corporations seem to know very little or care even less about other people”

Richard Watson is a white male who writes about the tech industry.



E3 diversity report – so was it a white guy-fest again?


Jordan Erica Webber’s piece for the Guardian attempts to make gamers uncomfortable about their race and identity, and portrays them as “awkward” and “gravelly-voiced stubble-faced” losers who are unknowingly scaring women away from the industry.

“Ask five people who follow the video games industry what to expect from an E3 press conference and they’ll all paint you a similar picture. Bright lights on a big stage, lengthy cinematic trailers for shooters starring gravelly-voiced stubble-faced white men, interspersed with awkward patter from white men in suits (or, depending on the publisher, suit jackets and T-shirts and trainers), cheered and whooped at by a largely white male audience” writes Webber in her story.

“This industry is often unwelcoming to women and underrepresented minorities, and these widely watched events do little to counter that.”




Is it ever OK for white people to wear cornrows?

In this article, Mic’s Rachel Lubitz ponders whether it’s socially acceptable for white people to have a certain hairstyle for fear of “culturally appropriating” the style, which is commonly associated with African-Americans.

Lubitz interviews various different people, most of whom say that it’s offensive to appropriate a hairstyle from a different culture, despite the fact that their language and tools to communicate were invented by people of a different




Trump wants GOP to court black voters — then slams voting rights for felons


In what is either one of the most unfortunate headlines in CNN history, or perhaps just a deeply questionable view shared by CNN’s editors, the Clinton News Network seems to draw a parallel between black people and prison.

Though the headline has since been slightly changed, it originally caused a storm of outrage online, particularly from African-Americans who deemed the headline as racist for insinuating that black voters were likely to be felons.

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