Facebook Launches Nationwide Voter Registration Campaign


Facebook has launched a nationwide campaign to encourage users to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

The campaign will involve reminding users over the age of 18 that they need to register to vote, with accompanying instructions linking users to the government’s registration page being placed at the top of their news feed.

Katie Harbath, Facebook’s director of government outreach, told USA TODAY that the company started the initiative because Facebook “thought we had a unique ability and responsibility to show people this reminder that they should be checking their registration so they can participate in the election.”

It is not the first time that Facebook have ran a voter registration campaign. During the California primaries, the social network got over 200,000 people signed up as a result of their campaign.


It was revealed earlier this month that Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz has given over $20 million to left-wing groups campaigning to prevent a Trump presidency.

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