Amazon ‘Fixes’ Hillary Clinton Book Ratings After Scathing Reviews

Win McNamee, Alex Wong / Getty Images

Online retailer Amazon has stepped in to ‘fix’ the scathing reviews given by its customers of Hillary Clinton’s campaign book, Stronger Together.

The book was originally savaged by customers, who gave the book an average rating of 1.7/5 stars after over 1,200 reviews.

However, Amazon removed many of the negative reviews. By Thursday evening the number of reviews had been cut down to just 255, with many of the most critical gone, whilst 5 star reviews remained.

However customers, clearly incensed by Amazon’s actions, have responded by continuing to rip into the book, with the number of reviews now back at 1600 and the star rating at its lowest of 1.5.

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos is a prominent supporter of the Clinton campaign, and is the owner of the Washington Post, whose reporters have been tasked with investigating every aspect of Donald Trump’s history in an attempt to reveal inflammatory information.

Although not directly linked to the Clinton campaign, this is not the first time that Clinton’s supporters have attempted to modify people’s views. The political action committee Correct the Record previously spent over $1 million to hire online trolls in order to ‘correct’ Bernie Sanders supporters on social media sites.

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