MILO’s 10 Most Brutal Clinton Roasts From USF

IMG_1079 Cropped

Tonight in his speech at University of South Florida, MILO dropped a number of killer Clinton roasts. Here are a few of the best.

“Imagine the poor liberal feminists who think Hillary will represent them in office. They’d show up for a rape symposium at the White House and find topics like “No one will believe that slut, right?” and “Managing bimbo eruptions.”


When asked “When will we find out what Chelsea Clinton thinks of her dad?” MILO replied with:

“Well I don’t know think we know who her dad is.”


“Late breaking news from the FBI, by the way. Hillary’s special podium has been given immunity. No word what it will testify about yet.  Not a replacement for Obamacare, just a massive bureaucracy designed to administer her own personal health needs.”


“It’s no mystery why Hillary is so fond of putting women in burkas, given Bill’s wandering eyes and hands.”


“There’s no safe space for those who embarrass the Clintons! Except perhaps the witness protection program. Or an urn.”


“The good news is, the debate rules favor Trump. Hillary has to stand for the whole thing! No phoning a friend. Does anyone know the dialling code for Hell?” 


“Assange promises an October Surprise, and I assume that doesn’t mean Hillary losing control of her bowels during a speech.”


“A handy tip for Hillary… if you start giving speeches to groups of midgets, when the press describes a “small crowd” you can just call them bigots.”


“That’s right, even I, a fag from Britain just stopping by the States to remind y’all not to be crazy this November — I attract crowds five times the size of Hillary’s.”


I think Americans are smart enough not to vote for a sharia-compliant White House, and that’s before we even get onto the subject of the Supreme Court.”