Facebook Introduces Political Endorsements Feature


Facebook has introduced a new feature that will allow users to publicly endorse their preferred candidate in the home stretch before next month’s presidential election.

The feature will primarily be used for users to express their support for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but also extends to anyone whose page classifies them as a political candidate, whether they are running for the Senate or the local city council.

The endorsement will appear as a post in the user’s news feed, where they will be given the option to explain why they are endorsing that particular candidate.

Should they choose to endorse the candidate publicly rather than just among friends, the candidate could consequently share their posting to show supporters why they received the endorsement.

Facebook has been striving all year to play a greater role in politics. Last month it launched a nationwide voter registration campaign. It was also revealed this week by WikiLeaks that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wished to meet with the Hillary Clinton campaign to “inform his understanding about effective political operations to advance public policy goals.”

The endorsement feature comes as part of a new range of features introduced by Facebook this week, including the option to order food, book appointments at local business, and share recommendations of local places to visit.

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