WATCH: Pitt Student Activists Harassed for Supporting Trump


Activists for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign at the University of Pittsburgh were harassed and had their property destroyed for the second time in a week.

A video obtained by The Pitt Maverick shows a student pulling down a Youths for Trump sign which the activists had attached to a tree.

Other footage shows an incensed student telling the activists that they “have no place in America,” before his words are drowned out by screeching supporters.

Another girl is seen shouting that the activists are “supporting a fascist who supports destroying the environment,” before adding that she doesn’t understand “how any woman can stand behind that table.”

In response, Lindsey Hern, a senior at the university, told The Pitt Maverick that she “felt unsafe when there was a hoard of people clapping and cheering along with the girl screaming at me for being a woman behind a Trump table.”

“It was as if, because I was a woman, I don’t have the choice to choose who I support for president and have to succumb to some mold. I was horrified and scared for my safety because of my views,” she continued.

This is now the second incident at the University of Pittsburgh in the space of a week, after a video emerged last week of a woman flipping over the activists’ table before running away.

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