Bucknell Students Organize Walkout to Protest Trump Win

Maggie Fischer/YouTube
Maggie Fischer/YouTube

Students at Bucknell University organized a walkout on Friday morning in protest over Donald Trump’s victory in Tuesday’s presidential election.

The walkout was organized by Bucknell student Mona Mohammed, who claimed that she was motivated by a desire to bring distraught students together in solidarity: “It’s an effort to show solidarity, and make a statement about the election. We will not continue life as normal and be passive when so many lives and rights are at stake.”

Although some professors encouraged the students in their 11 AM sections to walkout and attend the demonstration that occurred on the main quad, other students left class abruptly in the middle of their instructors’ Friday morning lectures.

The event’s co-organizer, student Emma Downey, said in her opening remarks that the goal of the walkout was to “demonstrate that things are pretty fucked up and [that] things are pretty fucked up.”

“The goal and purpose of doing this today is to 1) show solidarity and 2) demonstrate that things are pretty fucked up and people are pissed, and that we won’t just carry on with the status quo and act like everything is normal and fine.”

“Today, the youth can take America back. Just like the radical and reformist groups of the 60s, we can unite and make change. This time around, it’s different than the 60s. We have access to the tactics and means of protest, strike, and occupation. We have so many more tools at our disposal and means of communication and organization. And, we have a common enemy: Donald trump and his campaign, the embodiment of fascism and hatred.”


One student who participated in the walkout claimed that she was motivated by her desire to support those who felt marginalized by Trump’s rhetoric.  “I’m partaking because I feel like I can’t do nothing. I want to support everyone who feels affected by Trump’s hate speech and stand together.

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