Mark Zuckerberg Can Retain Control of Facebook If He Leaves for Politics

Facebook / Mark Zuckerberg

Filings from a recent court case between Mark Zuckerberg and minority investors have revealed that the Facebook CEO can remain in control of Facebook even if he leaves for a period to pursue a position in politics.

The lawsuit was filed by investors against Zuckerberg’s restructuring proposal which seeks to remove power from shareholders and refocus it in the company’s management.

Court filings have revealed texts sent between Zuckerberg and prominent Facebook investor Marc Andreessen, in which Andreessen says that the “biggest issue” of his restructuring proposal was “how to define the gov’t service thing without freaking out shareholders that you are losing commitment.”

The texts suggest that Zuckerberg was considering a possible future role in government, with the proposal, if approved, allowing him to retain overall control of Facebook should he leave the company for politics.

Weeks later, Andreessen texted Zuckerberg again, saying, “I think the biggest remaining issue is still around the government service.”

In May this year, Zuckerberg invited a range of prominent establishment conservatives to discuss Facebook’s apparent liberal bias, with the company been found to have artificially amplified the coverage of movements such as Black Lives Matter, whilst suppressing actively suppressing conservative outlets such as Breitbart.

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