Louise Mensch’s Six Worst Moments at Heat Street

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British political commentator Louise Mensch is no longer the editor of the Rupert Murdoch-owned Heat Street, supposedly to instead “focus on creating new digital media projects for News Corp.”

Though the full reasons and conditions for Mensch’s departure from Heat Street are currently unknown, her frequently bizarre and conspiracy theory-laden rants while at the company, along with an array of questionable decisions, often led to embarrassing headlines about the company. In no particular order, here are Louise Mensch’s six worst moments at Heat Street.

Heat Street Apologizes: ‘Never Should Have Published’ Post Saying Pepe the Frog Isn’t Anti-Semitic

In September 2016, Heat Street joined the left-wing mainstream media and Hillary Clinton by declaring Internet meme “Pepe the Frog” to be an anti-Semitic symbol, even going as far as to modify a previous article by writer Ian Miles Cheong which argued in defense of Pepe. Cheong subsequently backtracked on social media over his previous defense of the meme.

Mensch linked to a Google drive folder filled with various modified versions of the cartoon frog in Nazi uniforms to support her claim it was an anti-Semitic symbol.

As reported in September:

Heat Street Editor and former British Conservative MP Louise Mensch has written an article agreeing with the establishment media and Clinton campaign’s claims that “Pepe the Frog” is a “white supremacist” icon. Mensch apologized for another Heat Street article by Ian Miles Cheong, who defended the innocent green frog meme last week.

Under the title “Hillary Clinton Is Absolutely Right, ‘Pepe’ Meme Is Antisemitic – An Apology,” Mensch apologized for Cheong’s defense of the cartoon frog, claiming that the piece was “inaccurate.”

“We apologize for publishing it,” she wrote, adding an editor’s note on Cheong’s story: “This article was wrong and we should never have published it. Pepe the Frog is antisemitic.”

Heat Street, backed by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, boasts in its motto: “Free speech celebrated. No safe spaces.”

Quoting Cheong’s claims that “no single group or ideology has ownership of the meme,” Mensch argues: “That is untrue. While Pepe, once a harmless frog meme, may have started out as a widely used meme, the frog is now a symbol of the Nazi Jew-baiting of the alt-right.”

Her hyperlinked evidence of this blanket statement is… a Google Drive folder titled “Pepe” that contains a dozen Nazi-themed Pepe alterations. A “Trump/Pepe” image, with no Nazi imagery, is included. Nine of the 22 images in the folder do not feature Pepe illustrations at all.

‘Anti-SJW’ and ‘Conservative’ Heat Street Founder Louise Mensch Caught Pitching Campaign Ad Ideas to Hillary Clinton Campaign

In emails with Clinton campaign staffers revealed by Wikileaks, self-proclaimed conservative and “committed Republican” Louise Mensch was caught pitching advert scripts to Hillary Clinton’s staff.

As reported by Breitbart London’s Liam Deacon in October 2016:

Mrs. Mensch runs the Rupert Murdoch-backed blog Heat Street, which claims to stand against identity politics and what it labels “social justice warriors” under the slogan “no safe spaces.”

However, its editor in chief, Mrs. Mensch, was caught writing a campaign advertisement script for the Democratic candidate – a woman who has traded off identity politics and social justice warrior politics. The ad appears to be based on the idea that Mrs. Clinton should be in office simply because she is female and is supported by “multiracial” women.

“… much rather have your girl Hillary,” Mrs. Mensch wrote in an email to Michael Kives of Creative Arts Agency (CAA), a former Clinton campaign advocate.

She said Hillary’s “intelligence [is] beyond doubt” but argued she “is not capitalizing on the yearning that we have to see a woman as President,” before scripting the campaign ad named “OUR TIME.”

Despite being a Republican, Mensch publicly backed Hillary Clinton for a period during the 2016 U.S. presidential election, before claiming to support independent candidate Evan McMullin.

Murdoch’s Louise Mensch: ‘Everyone’ Who Votes Trump is ‘Scum of The Earth’

Mensch acted as a very vocal opponent to Donald Trump during the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and her hatred of the Republican candidate sometimes extended to his supporters.

As reported in October by Breitbart Tech’s Ben Kew:

Mensch, who is currently the editor of the Rupert Murdoch funded blog Heat Street, argued that “If you vote Trump you are the scum of the earth, a colluder in racism and ‘deplorable’ is too good for you. This means everyone.”

She then continues with another jibe at Trump voters, saying it’s “cowardly to blame [racism] on Trump and excuse his voters,” before adding that the word “elites” now means “people who aren’t racist.”

She adds that “the gulf between Republicans & Democrats turns out to be be nothing compared to that between decency & hate, patriots and traitors,” the hate and traitors presumably a reference to Trump voters.

Heat Street Stealth Replaces Pro-Anime Article with Louise Mensch SJW Propaganda

After Heat Street writer William Hicks wrote and published a piece defending anime show Keijo!, Mensch quickly deleted and replaced the article, redirecting the URL to her own piece which branded the cartoon as “misogynist” and “child porn.”

“The new anime Keijo!!!!!!!! is causing quite a stir online with its supposedly ‘sexist’ premise,” wrote Hicks in his original piece, which has yet to be restored to this day. “Young women are pitted against each other in an innovative new water sport, where contestants must knock each other off a floating raft using only their boobs and butt.”

“I would be proud to tell my sisters, my daughters, my wife, I am a huge fan of Keijo!!!!!!!! if I had any,” he continued. “The show’s empowering message of self-reliance and sportsmanship has convinced me to renew my gym membership so that I one day can launch my opponent across a pool with only my ass muscles. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Keijo finally subverts the sexism inherent in most anime, by giving women a voice to talk about something else beside men.”

Mensch stealth replaced the article, with the URL for Hicks’ piece redirecting to her own op-ed: “Boob and Butt Fighting Anime Keijo Isn’t Just Misogynist, It’s Child Porn.”

“Keijo! follows a normal practice in anime of making the characters seem young, with large, wide eyes. This may not usually be a problem, but in Keijo! it definitely is,” claimed Mensch. “The soft-porn premise of the show is now pared with animé characters that look like children.”

“It is the combination of porn and cartoons that’s disturbing at first, and then it moves on to the child-rendering typical of animé that is fine when a character is non-porn but gross as hell when the cartoon in question is nude women fighting with their sex organs,” she continued. “So, yeah, on this one, I fear that fauxminists and feminists are going to wind up on the same side, and quite honestly, if you are a bloke who likes mud-wrestling porn maybe you should grow up and get out of the comics section.”

Mensch Supports World War Three

Despite temporarily locking her Twitter account following Donald Trump’s presidential victory, Mensch is a prolific tweet. In December, she openly advocated starting a world war against Russia.





Mensch Accuses All Critics of Being Russian Agents/Spies/Bots

When she’s not advocating a new world war, Mensch is branding all of her critics and opponents as either Russian spies, agents, or pro-Putin bots– even if the discussion has nothing to do with Russia.






Here, Mensch can be seen attacking a British follower, calling him a “typical Russian bot.”


The follower, in his reply, points out to Mensch that she has followed him for a few years and they have interacted many times, but she doesn’t respond.


She accused InfoWars editor Paul Joseph Watson, who has a verified account and over 419,000 followers, of being a bot– prompting Watson to ask whether she was insane.


With Mensch having posted over a whopping 203,000 tweets since joining Twitter, there are thousands of more examples, which can all be seen by searching for her name along with a phrase like “Russian bot,” “Bannon,” “agent,” or simply “Putin.”

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