Heat Street Stealth Replaces Pro-Anime Article with Louise Mensch SJW Propaganda

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Louise Mensch’s Heat Street has apparently replaced an opinion piece by author William Hicks that defended the anime series Keijo!!!!!!!! over scenes where its characters fight with their breasts and buttocks, redirecting the link to an opinion piece by Mensch that brands the cartoon as “misogynist” and “child porn.”

“The new anime Keijo!!!!!!!! is causing quite a stir online with its supposedly ‘sexist’ premise,” wrote Hicks in his piece published earlier this month. “Young women are pitted against each other in an innovative new water sport, where contestants must knock each other off a floating raft using only their boobs and butt.”

“I would be proud to tell my sisters, my daughters, my wife, I am a huge fan of Keijo!!!!!!!! if I had any,” Hicks continued. “The show’s empowering message of self-reliance and sportsmanship has convinced me to renew my gym membership so that I one day can launch my opponent across a pool with only my ass muscles. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Keijo finally subverts the sexism inherent in most anime, by giving women a voice to talk about something else beside men.”

Since being published, Hicks’ piece has disappeared from the site, instead being redirected to Louise Mensch’s op-ed: “Boob and Butt Fighting Anime Keijo Isn’t Just Misogynist, It’s Child Porn.”

“Keijo! follows a normal practice in anime of making the characters seem young, with large, wide eyes. This may not usually be a problem, but in Keijo! it definitely is,” claims Mensch in her own piece. “The soft-porn premise of the show is now pared with animé characters that look like children.”

“It is the combination of porn and cartoons that’s disturbing at first, and then it moves on to the child-rendering typical of animé that is fine when a character is non-porn but gross as hell when the cartoon in question is nude women fighting with their sex organs,” she continues. “So, yeah, on this one, I fear that fauxminists and feminists are going to wind up on the same side, and quite honestly, if you are a bloke who likes mud-wrestling porn maybe you should grow up and get out of the comics section.”

The change, which the site has not appeared to disclose, has generated heavy backlash on social media.


Heat Street, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, have previously faced backlash over flip-flopping on issues, most notably after reporter Ian Miles Cheong was seemingly made to apologize for writing a piece that defended internet meme Pepe the Frog.

“This article was wrong and we should never have published it,” claimed an editor’s note at the top of Cheong’s piece shortly after Mensch published her own contradictory opinion piece about the meme. “Pepe the Frog is antisemitic. Our apology piece is here.”

Cheong suddenly reversed his opinion of the meme on social media as well, claiming, “I was wrong about Pepe. It has, in fact, become an anti-semitic meme,” before linking to Mensch’s story.


Earlier this month, it was revealed that Mensch had pitched an advertisement script to the Hillary Clinton campaign, which aimed to capitalize on Clinton’s gender despite Mensch’s claim to be a Republican. Mensch followed up her initial pitch with additional campaign ad ideas, to great applause from the Clinton team.

Heat Street did not respond to a request for comment.


Heat Street appears to have stopped redirecting readers from Hicks’ original article on Keijo to Mensch’s piece since Breitbart’s report, with the original URL now resulting in a “Nothing found” screen. The site also seems to have since broken the link to Louise Mensch’s story and deleted all of the original comments. Mensch’s piece can still be found on the website with a different URL and under a new category.

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