Colleges Across Country Condemn Trump’s Immigration Order

Protesters sit in the international terminal at San Francisco International Airport in California on January 29, 2017

Several schools around the country are offering counseling sessions to students in response to Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration.

Campus watchdog site Campus Reform totaled 31 institutions of higher education that released official statements against Trump’s executive order on immigration, noting that most of them were located along the east and west coasts.

Ideologically-charged administrators at universities around the country have condemned Donald Trump’s recent executive order on immigration. Seven of the eight Ivy League institutions issued statements this week criticizing the President’s decision to suspend immigration for 90 days from several countries.

Yale University’s President Peter Salovey condemned the executive order, arguing that it was a departure to the longstanding policy tradition of the United States.

Purdue University’s President Mitch Daniels, who served as the Governor of Indiana, called Trump’s EO a “bad idea.”

“The President’s order related to immigration is a bad idea, poorly implemented, and I hope that he will promptly revoke and rethink it,” Daniels asserted. “If the idea is to strengthen the protection of Americans against terrorism, there are many far better ways to achieve it.”