‘Dawn of War III’ – Prophecy of War

Check out in-game footage from Dawn of War III as Space Marines, Orks, and Eldar clash in the grim future of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

“In Dawn of War III you will have no choice but to face your foes when a catastrophic weapon is found on the mysterious world of Acheron,” developer Relic states on the game’s official website. “With war raging and the planet under siege by the armies of greedy Ork warlord Gorgutz, ambitious Eldar seer Macha, and mighty Space Marine commander Gabriel Angelos, supremacy must ultimately be suspended for survival.”

The upcoming entry in the critically acclaimed Dawn of War series will feature a story campaign for each of the three factions, as well as the introduction of massive war machines to rip through enemy armies “with the biggest characters in Dawn of War history.”