Report: Samsung to Sell ‘Refurbished’ Galaxy Note 7s

AP Photo
The Associated Press

Electronics manufacturer Samsung will reportedly begin selling “refurbished” Galaxy Note 7s, a smartphone notorious for its unstable battery which caused some phones to explode.

Samsung is reportedly beginning to sell refurbished Note 7’s with smaller batteries which purportedly don’t suffer from the same defects that plagued previous handsets. It seems unlikely that the devices will be sold in Europe or the US due to strict regulations on the phones following their first recall. However, handsets could be sold to markets in Vietnam or India.

Samsung reportedly has close to 2.5 million refurbished Note 7s ready to sell after 20,000 were used for testing in order to track down exactly what the issue was with previous handset batteries. The newly refurbished Note 7s will have brand new cases and batteries with a capacity ranging between 3,000 and 3,200mAh in comparison to the original 3,500mAh battery capacity.

According to the annual Harris Poll used to measure the corporate reputation among thousands of people in the United States, Samsung suffered one of the biggest hits of any company in 2016. When people were asked which company or brand had suffered the largest damage to their reputation in 2016, Samsung was found to be the third most common answer, taking a total five percent of the overall vote.

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