‘Tom Clancy’s The Division – Last Stand’ Launch Trailer

Last Stand, the final expansion for Tom Clancy’s The Division, adds a new player-vs-player mode to the game and a new Incursion for agents to tackle cooperatively.

The new Last Stand mode allows for 8v8 multiplayer matches in The Division‘s Dark Zone on instanced maps, giving those who have shied away from entering the lawless DZ that has seen players killing each other for gear since the game’s launch a chance to enjoy some structured PvP content. Teams will fight to control tactical data terminals throughout the map, with the first team to upload all the data winning.

The expansion also brings a new Incursion, The Division‘s high-level instanced cooperative dungeons in MMO terms, to the game. Players will need to work together to raid a television station taken over by one of the game’s enemy factions and rescue the hostages inside.

A number of changes will be coming for free to the game as well for those who don’t own The Division‘s season pass, including new Dark Zone areas, legendary weapons, and a number of balancing changes.


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