‘Destiny 2’ – ‘Last Call’ Teaser

Destiny‘s Cayde-6 stops by for a quick drink in this teaser trailer for Destiny 2.

Fans will have to wait until tomorrow, March 30, for the full reveal of Bungie’s sequel to sci-fi shooter Destiny, but in the meantime, there is some interesting information to be gleaned from this teaser featuring fan-favorite character Cayde-6, voiced by Firefly star Nathan Fillion.

The first teaser image for Destiny 2 appeared to show The Last City, the only human stronghold left on Earth in the far future, under siege and in ruins. Now, we find Cayde-6, one of the leaders of the City’s Vanguard, drinking and recounting a battle in a bombed out building that appears to be inside the City’s walls. The enemies featured in flashes of Cayde’s story appear to be soldiers of the Cabal, the massive, heavily armored alien race players have faced off against on Mars and The Taken King’s Dreadnaught in Destiny.

This only seems to point more strongly towards fans’ theories that Destinywill feature a full-fledged invasion of Earth by the Cabal Empire, who were sent a distress signal by the advance forces already in the Milky Way during The Taken King expansion. Players can find out March 30 what they should expect for the future of Destiny.