Chrome Extension Blocks United Flights from Travel Search Results

The Associated Press

A Google Chrome browser extension titled “Drop United” allows users to easily filter out United Airlines flights while browsing online.

The extension blocks United from search results on Google Search, Google Flights, Kayak, and Expedia, according to The Hill. The official website for the extension attacks United for violently removing a passenger from a flight.

“Corporations can treat you like shit because you’ll eventually forget you were ever mad,” the website states. “Drop United is a Chrome extension that drags United Airlines off your flight search results. So the next time you search for a flight, United won’t have a seat in your options.”

The incident made headlines after footage of the passenger who refused to give up his seat was released, showing him covered in blood as he was forcibly dragged out by his legs screaming.

Chinese social media raged over the incident, while both President Trump and numerous celebrities condemned the airline for their handling of the situation.

Drop United has already received numerous five star reviews, which thank the app’s anonymous creator for assisting the growing boycott, while also joking about the incident with United Airlines.

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