Netflix Declines Streaming Hit Documentary ‘The Red Pill’


Despite being the #1 selling movie on YouTube, beating Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars, Cassie Jaye’s documentary, “The Red Pill” was declined for inclusion by Netflix.

Jaye tweeted a photo stating that her documentary about the men’s rights movement would not be available on Netflix, but provided a list of other platforms where the film could be viewed.

The Red Pill was released on digital platforms on March 7th. By May 1st it was the number one best-selling movie on YouTube, beating blockbusters such as Disney’s Moana, Guardians of the Galaxy and Rogue One. The popular YouTuber “Shoe0nHead” released a video review of The Red Pill on May 1st, which reached over half a million views in less than 24 hours.

Breitbart News asked Jaye if having her film available on Netflix was important to her, or if was she satisfied with the success the film has already experienced. Jaye replied, “I was really hoping for The Red Pill to be on Netflix since that is a preferred streaming platform for many people,” she continued, “I also know that many people are curious to watch The Red Pill, but don’t want to commit to renting or owning the film. I think a subscription-based streaming platform like Hulu or Netflix allows viewers to “test-drive” a movie that they’re unsure about, without having to commit to paying for that specific movie. They can turn it off at any point and not have buyers remorse. It’s too bad that Netflix didn’t see The Red Pill adding any sort of value to their film catalog, but I’m so grateful to the platforms that have accepted the film. ”

Breitbart also asked Jaye if given the backlash that The Red Pill has received, would she be considering a less controversial topic for her next documentary. “I’ve been mulling over many possible topics for my next film, but I haven’t decided yet.” said Jaye, “I’m definitely open to directing an apolitical film. I’m sure that’d be fulfilling and less stress-inducing, but I also know that the world needs risk-taking documentarians who are willing to shed light on topics that many are too afraid to address. I was told by an Oscar-winning producer that making The Red Pill was career suicide, so I don’t feel like I have much to lose now, which I guess makes me a little more fearless than the average filmmaker.”

“In short: yes, if there’s a controversial topic that should be a documentary, and no one else is up to the task, I will certainly consider it,” she concluded.

The Red Pill is available to stream from a wide variety of platforms as provided in Jaye’s tweet above.

Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart News covering issues of free speech and online censorship. Follow him on Twitter @LucasNolan_ or email him at


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