UCF Student Diversity Chair Resigns over Saying Trump Supporters ‘Not Welcome’ on Campus

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A student leader at the University of Central Florida has resigned from his post over an October Facebook post in which he reportedly wrote that Trump supporters weren’t welcome on campus.

The newly appointed Student Diversity Chair at the University of Central Florida, Grayson Lanza, has resigned from his position over a social media post he made prior to the 2016 presidential election in which he reportedly wrote, “Trump supporters are not welcome on our campus.” Lanza’s LinkedIn profile indicates he also serves as the Communications Director for the Young Democrats of Orange County, Florida.

Other claims arose of incidents on campus in which Lanza allegedly echoed similar anti-conservative sentiments about his unwillingness to act cordially around students who had expressed some form of support for President Trump.

“He should not be head of diversity,” conservative student Daniel Hanna said. “I do not care if someone equally as liberal as him takes the position. As long as it’s not someone who has been actively aggressive towards people who disagree with him.”

Nick Larkins, the Student Body President at the University of Central Florida, announced in a Facebook post that Lanza had resigned and they are currently searching for a candidate that will work to facilitate an academic environment in which all students are welcomed, regardless of personal identifiers including political ideology.

“I will be searching for someone who all students regardless of age, religion, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation and all others,” Larkins wrote. “I am confident that together we will find someone who can truly foster an inclusive and tolerant environment that is accepting of ALL students.”


Chad Binette, the Assistant Vice President of UCF News & Information, issued the following statement to Breitbart Tech:

Diversity, respect and inclusivity are woven into the fabric of UCF. Our community is stronger because of the experiences, contributions and political viewpoints of our diverse students, scholars, and professionals.

The student is no longer serving in his role in student government. In addition, no individual student or student organization speaks for UCF. Student government is a learning laboratory where students learn and experience the rights and responsibilities of civic engagement.

We believe this has been a valuable lesson in the importance of meaningful dialogue and respect for all viewpoints.

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