Report: NSA Illegally Spied on Kim Dotcom in New Zealand

The Associated Press

The U.S. National Security Agency illegally spied on and surveilled technology entrepreneur Kim Dotcom in his homeland of New Zealand, according to a report.

Documents reveal that the NSA and New Zealand’s Government Communications Security Bureau surveilled Dotcom in a joint operation officially until 2012. The NSA then reportedly continued to use New Zealand technology to spy on Dotcom after 2012.

GCSB “claimed that it turned off all surveillance systems targeting Dotcom and others but found out more than a year later that surveillance continued without its knowledge,” reported the New Zealand Herald. “The details in the documents have led Dotcom to state that there is now evidence the United States’ National Security Agency was carrying out surveillance on him.”

“Dotcom, who should have been protected from GCSB surveillance as a New Zealand resident, said the GCSB did not know because its equipment was being used by the NSA, which was ‘directly involved’,” the report claims.

In a series of tweets, Dotcom called GCSB “consistent liars” and claimed they were aware of the continued surveillance of him by the NSA.

The tech entrepreneur also called the incident a “sellout of NZ sovereignty,” before referencing the “Five Eyes” surveillance alliance between New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

“I’m not a terrorist or a national security threat. I’m not even a criminal,” declared Dotcom on Twitter. “I’m an innovator, a nerd, I play video games. Fuck you NSA!”

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