University of Massachusetts-Amherst Deploys Care Bears to Comfort Stressed Students

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AP Photo/Joerg Sarbach

A bulletin board at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, utilizes the popular children’s characters, the Care Bears, to comfort stressed-out students.

According to a report from Campus Reform, the Care Bears display was plastered in a residential hall to comfort stressed-out students as they head into final examinations. For the uninitiated, the Care Bears is a media franchise and product toy line that is aimed at young children.

“Feeling grumpy or stressed? Let the Care Bears help!” the display reads. Scattered across a pastel-colored rainbow are various stress-management tips accompanied by the Care Bear characters.

“It’s important to take care of ourselves! Self-care is an active choice and you should treat it as such,” one part of the display reads. “Surround yourselves with supportive people” and “reminders of what you love,” another portion adds. “Get plenty of sleep!” the blue Care Bear advises in another portion of the display. “Laughter is the best medicine. Watch a funny show or goof around with friends!” the orange Care Bears suggests.

Ironically, the display was posted in UMass-Amherst’s Birch Hall, the residence of the school’s honors college students. One student, who spoke to Campus Reform, lamented the display, arguing that it is “ridiculous” that it was posted in a dorm room where 21-year-old students reside.

“Frankly, I just think it’s ridiculous,” sophomore Bradley Polumbo said. “The people that live in this dorm are either 20 or 21 years old. We could be overseas fighting in wars right now, or working full time with kids at home to feed.”

“But the school thinks we need Care Bears to remind us that we’re supposed to eat healthy and sleep at night?” Polumbo added. “If you don’t know that by age 20 you have bigger problems, and probably shouldn’t be pursuing a degree until you get those sorted out.”

Users on social media blasted the display, accusing the practice of coddling students.


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