Whopper: Burger King Thinks It Can Explain Net Neutrality with Hamburgers

A screen capture from a video produced by Burger King attempting to explain Net Neutrality
YouTube/ Burger King

Burger King has released a video criticizing the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality by attempting to explain the issue through their hamburgers.

In the video, Burger King attempted to explain net neutrality by using their signature Whopper burgers, which in the video, are sold for higher prices if customers wanted their meals sooner.

“The repeal of Net Neutrality is a hot topic in America, but it can be very difficult to understand. That’s why the BURGER KING® brand created WHOPPER® Neutrality, a social experiment that explains the effects of the repeal of Net Neutrality by putting it in terms anyone can understand: A WHOPPER® sandwich,” declared the company. “This effort aims to help people understand how the repeal of Net Neutrality will impact their lives. The BURGER KING® brand believes the Internet should be like the WHOPPER® sandwich: the same for everyone.”

Burger King, which is often rated poorly by popular fast food reviewer TheReportOfTheWeek, then appealed to viewers to sign a petition against the repeal of net neutrality.

In a statement, Free Our Internet Executive Director Christie-Lee McNally criticized Burger King for simplifying the issue:

Burger King’s latest attempt to take on a complicated policy issue outside of its own industry reeks of desperation almost as badly as its Cheetos chicken fries. The only Whopper here is that Burger King is grossly misleading consumers into the realm of fantasy by suggesting a totally fictional Internet pricing regime.

In its video, Burger King not only embraces socialist concepts, but it actually makes an underlying promise to consumers to deliver all orders at the same speed; we should hold them to that. Perhaps Burger King’s time would be better spent on working to reduce the 36 percent obesity rate in this country rather than hawking its 37g fat-Whopper under the guise of “net neutrality.”

Burger King chose not to comment in their video on the FCC’s assertion that big tech companies are more likely to block content than service providers.

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