YouTube Slammed by Black YouTube Star Sky Williams After Encouraging People to ‘Subscribe to Black Creators’

YouTube star sky williams
YouTube/Sky Williams

Popular black YouTube star Sky Williams pointed out the hypocrisy of YouTube after the company encouraged people to “subscribe to black creators,” during Black History Month.

“Roses are red… Violets are blue… Subscribe to black creators,” was posted by YouTube on Twitter in an apparent attempt at poetry. The company’s Twitter account currently also boasts a “#CreateBlackHistory” profile picture.

In response, popular black YouTube creator Sky Williams declared, “I am a Black Creator. When I made a video discussing Black issues, you flagged it, claimed I was ‘inciting racism against POC’, struck my channel and took everything from me.”

“Then your staff pretended to care by setting up a meeting that was due 4 months ago,” he continued. “Delete this.”

Williams’ tweet quickly reached over 150,000 likes and nearly 45,000 retweets.

Williams went on to sharply criticize YouTube in a series of tweets after his first message to the video sharing giant.

Williams summarized his position in a tweet stating the qualities in a channel that should drive user subscriptions, none of which are the creator’s race.

Other users also criticized YouTube for their post, proclaiming they would subscribe to channels based on their content instead of their race.

YouTube has been frequently criticized for their increasing censorship and demonetization of videos.

As previously reported, “H3H3Productions, Jenna Marbles, iDubbbz, and an array of popular animators have all been affected, while conservative, libertarian, and classically liberal accounts such as Diamond and SilkMike CernovichDave Rubin, have all been sanctioned in various ways.”

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