Mike Cernovich: CNN Must Donate ‘Blood Money’ Earned from Ads During Florida Shooting Coverage

CNN / YouTube

Journalist and author Mike Cernovich has called on CNN to donate the profits earned from advertisements during coverage of the Parkland school shooting to charity.

“I don’t like what CNN is doing to these children. I think CNN should donate all advertising from the shooting to charity,” Cernovich declared in a live Periscope video Wednesday. “Let’s turn a negative into a positive. I call on everyone here to challenge CNN to donate all advertising revenue generated this week to charity. Will you join me in this?”

“Join me in calling on CNN to donate all advertising revenue received this week, because they should not profit from blood,” he continued. “CNN should not take blood money and take the deaths of these children and turn them into dollar bills. They shouldn’t do it. It’s wrong, it’s unethical.”


Cernovich then added that he donated all revenue made from his coverage of the 2017 Manchester terrorist attack to charity — and even matched the donation himself.

“I practice what I preach… When there was a Manchester terrorist attack and I was doing videos and getting revenue on stuff and people were donating money, I said, ‘I will not accept this money, because it’s blood money, and I don’t take blood money, so I said, ‘I will donate all of the blood money from you guys and then I’ll match it,'” he said. “I want to see CNN take the high road and donate all advertising revenue generated this week… I want them to donate it to charity. I want them to say, ‘Look, we are not profiting off the deaths of children. We are not going to take the blood money.'”

“Whats the reason for not doing that, by the way? Why wouldn’t they?” he asked. “They get so mad when people say they’re using the children. Donate the money to charity.”

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