Michigan State Survey Asks Students if They Have Ever ‘Gagged on a Penis’

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Getty/Dimitrios Kambouris

A survey published last week at Michigan State University asked students to answer some unusual questions about their sexual history.

A survey sent by Michigan State University to its students asked them if they had ever “gagged on a penis” or “ejaculated on someone’s face.”

Although it is unclear why a “College Sex Survey” contained such unusual questions, administrators at the school remain adamant that the survey was designed to help campus services improve. The survey, which was first reported on by Campus Reform, was not mandatory, but made available for any student that wished to participate.

“Our overall goal is to improve campus services and programs around these types of experiences,” the researchers behind the survey explained.

Students had a range of reactions to the survey. One student, Chrissy Clark, claimed that she thought it was a joke when it first appeared on a Michigan State University social media page.

“When I found out about the survey sent out at MSU I was laughing because I thought it was a joke,” Clark said. “I first saw it on barstool MSU, which is an Instagram that parodies college students. I thought that it might be an extra credit opportunity for a student research assistant but it was a serious survey sent out to students to understand sexual assault issues on campus.”

In a statement, the university defended the survey, arguing that it will help researchers understand extreme sexual behaviors in college-aged students.

“The university does not ever see the data that are collected by researchers via anonymous surveys. Unfortunately, pornography has become the primary source of sexuality education for youth. We are seeing students who feel pressured to engage in these extreme sexual behaviors. Understanding how prevalent these behaviors are, helps to create sex education programs that help young people to refuse these behaviors if they do not want to engage.”



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