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Anglicans Push Back Against LGBT Guidelines

Approximately 2,155 clergy and lay members of the Church of England have signed a letter opposing recent guidelines regarding rites sacralizing gender transition in the church.


Panthers Called Odell Beckham Jr. Anti-Gay Slurs, Threatened to End His Career

According to Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders, New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr.’s state of mind on Sunday, when he received three penalties and targeted Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman with a helmet-to-helmet hit, was deeply affected by pregame threats to end his career and barbs directed at his sexuality. The NFL later suspended Beckham for one game.

The Associated Press

Song ‘Brave Man’ Redefines Bravery as a Naked Transgender Man

As LGBT narratives in pop culture continue to blur the lines of gender and sexuality, a controversial new music video for the song “Brave Man” attempts to redefine how male bravery is perceived, and its singer explains how the accessibility of music is key in starting conversations about change.

Twitter/Will Young

Catholic Converts Appeal to Rome to Uphold Indissolubility of Marriage

More than 130 notable converts to Catholicism have published an open letter begging Pope Francis and the bishops gathered at the Vatican Synod on Marriage and the Family to stand firm in teaching traditional Christian beliefs regarding the permanence of marriage, human sexuality, and the meaning of the family.


U.S. Changes Language on ‘Sexual Rights’ to End UN Criticism

The United Nations is hailing a change of language used by the United States to discuss human rights. From this point forward, the Obama administration has announced that it will switch to the UN-approved terminology of “sexual rights” to describe sexual reproduction and other issues.