Study: Young Adults Spend More than Six Hours a Day Feeling ‘Stressed Out’

Jon Simon/Feature Photo Service

A new mental health study reveals that young people spend more than six hours each day feeling “stressed out.”

A survey of 1,000 18 to 25-year-olds revealed that young adults spend a significant portion of their average day stressed or anxious about money, their appearance, or their career. 67 percent said that they have come across problems and have had no one to lean on for help. 56 percent of respondents said that the lack of a support system only served to heighten the severity of their problems.

The study was conducted by the British charity UK Youth.  “It’s concerning to see just how long young people spend feeling worried or stressed and how many of them have to go through these issues alone, without anyone to turn to for advice and guidance,” a spokesperson for UK Youth said. “Despite living in our ever-connected world, young people need safe spaces more than ever.”

The organization said that many young adults in the UK turn to their local youth club when they are dealing with stress. “For many, their local youth club is the only place that provides them with a trusted adult to confide in and access to the advice, support, and guidance needed to feel safe and build bright futures,” the organization’s spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that many young adults are facing stress as a result of online peer pressure, extremism, and hate crimes. “But to stop young people feeling worried or stressed in a society where issues of grooming, online peer pressure, extremism and hate crimes are rising, many youth services need to be supported with additional safeguarding resources and training,” they said.

The organization’s spokesperson added that the study has helped them to develop new programs to help young adults looking to establish themselves in an ever-changing world.

We’ve developed a safeguarding programme and assurance scheme to set a benchmark for youth organisations and support the delivery of a minimum level of practice consistent with operating a safe organisation. After the success of last year’s launch of National Safeguarding Month and in light of recent events, we hope our #KeepMeSafe campaign encourages all organisations working with young people take time to stop what they’re doing, look at their safeguarding policies, listen to their young people and take action.


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