‘Biohacking’ Biotech CEO Aaron Traywick Found Dead in Sensory Deprivation Tank

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The body of “controversial” biotech CEO Aaron Traywick was discovered “face down” in a Washington, D.C. sensory deprivation tank on Sunday.

According to the Daily Mail, 28-year-old Traywick had previously created controversy after he once “injected himself with a never-before-tested herpes treatment,” in an attempt to speed up the drug’s FDA approval.

“Police, who are still investigating his death, said an autopsy was being conducted on Traywick’s body and at this stage they had no evidence to suggest foul play,” the Daily Mail reported. “His colleague Tristan Roberts said staff at the floating spa had described him as being ‘sluggish’ before they found him face down.”

“The spa where he was found uses a form of meditation flotation therapy, which involves a person lying in a shallow, sensory-free pool that is heated at body temperature and filled with Epsom salt,” they continued, adding that the salt “is used to make sure people stay afloat.”

Traywick had reportedly “lost touch” with colleagues within the past month following company disagreements, with one colleague, Andreas Stuermer, claiming, “We all lost touch with him. It was radio silence. It was more than four weeks ago.”

In a statement, Tristan Roberts, who had worked with Traywick, claimed the CEO “was a passionate visionary.”

“He seemingly never tired as he brought people together to work on some of the most imposing challenges facing humanity,” Roberts declared. “While many in the biohacking scene disagreed with his methods, none of them doubted his intentions. He sought nothing short of a revolution in biomedicine; the democratization of science and the opening of the floodgates for global healing.”

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