Report: Digital License Plates Coming to Several States by End of Year

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Digital license plates, which give vehicle owners a greater degree of customization and allow authorities to take over the plates to issue warnings, are coming to a number of states by the end of the year.

According to a report from NBC News’ Mach, Reviver Auto “has developed electronic license plates, dubbed Rplates, that feature wireless LTE technology and monochromatic digital ink screens like the ones seen in e-reader devices.”

The $699 license plates, which also require a monthly subscription service, allow people to customize their vehicles, “letting them add personal messages (subject to approval from the Department of Motor Vehicles) or mentions of their favorite causes and charities,” while authorities could take over the plates in an emergency to display warnings and updates.

NBC News’ Mach also noted that parked vehicles could display advertisements in exchange for certain benefits from companies.

“License plates have been around for over 125 years,” declared Reviver Auto CEO Neville Boston. “All the innovation around automobiles — it’s the one thing that’s never changed.”

“It wouldn’t be flashing or beeping,” he continued. “It’s all about making sure that folks are safe on the road.”

Though the license plates are currently only available in California, they will soon be sold in Arizona, Texas, and Florida, with Reviver Auto planning to make them available in “another nine states by the end of the year.”

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