At Google, Sharing National Review Articles Can Get You Reported to HR

Google HQ, National Review cover story

At Google, a company currently facing a class-action lawsuit alleging it discriminates against conservatives (as well as males, Caucasians, and Asians), it’s possible to be reported to human resources for sharing articles from the most milquetoast of conservative magazines — National Review. 

The story of how the mildest of NeverTrump Republican sources can get one reported to HR can only be the explained by the madness of Google’s internal message boards, where the company’s left-wing employees exchange comments and opinions that put the wokest of Twitter’s celebrity Trump-haters to shame.

A source inside Google provided Breitbart News with screenshots of an internal discussion among left-leaning employees berating the company over its sponsorship of CPAC earlier this year. The discussion eventually led to the HR report.

Calling CPAC “hurtful to minorities,” the employee went on to complain about the company’s pro-diversity mailing list, “Yes at Google,” withdrawing its support from another mailing list because it had become too “political.”

The left-wing employee of one of the most prestigious and well-paying companies in the world went on to compare the plight of working for a CPAC sponsor to the plight of Jews in 1930s Germany:

There are political parties who believe I should not be alive, maybe because I’m transgender, or because my parents are Jewish, or because I’m an immigrant. In 1930s Germany, the Nazis were just a political party. Should we not stand for what’s right simply because someone has deemd the question of the value of my life as mere ‘politics?’ You can’t talk about the personal safety of a queer non-binary Jewish immigrant such as myself without talking about ‘politics’. As my T-shirt says, I AM a divisive issue.

Another Google employee responded, stating:

I saw a post today containing hate speech towards trans people and the poster knew it was bad. But the poster said it was in a mainstream Republican magazine and thus was “politics”.

Another Google employee advised that the matter be “escalated to HR” because “no, hate speech is not OK. Even when ‘it’s politics'”. The other employee responded that they had already done so.

According to the Google insider who contacted Breitbart News, the article that got an employee reported to HR for “hate speech” was “Intersectionality, The Dangerous Faith,” a National Review article by David French.

French is a staunch “NeverTrump” conservative who, egged on by arch-NeverTrumper Bill Kristol, briefly considered a run for president as an independent anti-Trump conservative candidate in 2016. The NeverTrump mantle was eventually taken up by Evan McMullin, who also failed to spoil Trump’s victory. At Google, though, sharing articles from a moderate like French is all it takes to get you reported to HR. National Review itself emerged as the leading NeverTrump publication during the 2016 election.

Radical left-wingers at Google might feel less comfortable reporting their conservative employees to HR if the department did not have a history of taking action based on dubious reasons. Numerous examples of this can be found in the class-action lawsuit filed against the company by former employees who allege they were discriminated against on the basis of race, gender, and political viewpoint. According to the lawsuit, Google “[failed] to protect employees from negative comments made about Caucasian men as Google protected members of other protected classes, and ignor[ed] formal requests for redress from Google managers and the Human Resources department.”

Examples of bias cited in the lawsuit include a threat made against viewpoint diversity supporter James Damore by Google employee Alex Hidalgo, who threatened to “hound” Damore until “one of us is fired.” Instead of taking action against Hidalgo, Google fired Damore. According to the lawsuit, Google HR also fired one of their plaintiffs, David Gudeman, after he questioned a Muslim co-worker’s allegation that he had been investigated by the FBI because of his faith. In another instance, a Google employee was scolded by HR for sharing that he intended to teach traditional gender roles to his children.

Another plaintiff, Manuel Amador, alleges that in addition to being reprimanded by HR for opinions about race that he did not hold, and demanding he apologize over a falsified complaint, the company did nothing to stop routine harassment at the hands of Google’s left-wing employees.

A Google spokeswoman said that the company “respects and values that all of our employees have a right to having and expressing their opinion and point of view” and that “leadership considers it a top priority to make sure that, regardless of differing viewpoints, everyone feels included at Google and can engage in respectful, civil conversations with their colleagues.”

As Google HR was warning, reprimanding, and even firing employees for expressing mainstream conservative opinions, they were also turning a blind eye to open support within Google for the violent, far-left Antifa movement, a group that has been identified as a domestic terrorist organization by U.S. security agencies. When asked late last year, Google declined to offer a general denunciation of political violence.

For left-wingers at Google, supporting Antifa doesn’t get you in trouble. Share an article from the mildest, most establishment conservative magazine, though? Prepare to be snitched on to HR. Evidence of a climate of a climate of hostility towards conservative employees at Google continues to mount.

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