Netflix CEO: Net Neutrality Repeal Not a Danger, ISPs Are Meeting Expectations

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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings claimed the repeal of net neutrality isn’t a big deal because Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are delivering customers the service they expect.

In a video discussion, Hastings reportedly claimed, “Around the world net neutrality has won as a consumer expectation.”

“Broadly around the world consumers have the expectation and ISPs are delivering it,” he continued. “The net neutrality advocates have won the day in terms of those expectations.”

Last year, Hastings announced that net neutrality was “not narrowly important” to the company because they are “big enough to get the deals we want.”

Hastings did claim to be “weighing in against” the repeal of net neutrality, however, he declared that “it’s not our primary battle at this point,” and admitted that they “don’t have a special vulnerability to it.”

Several weeks after Hastings’ remarks, Netflix reversed on the issue and proclaimed, “Netflix will never outgrow the fight for #NetNeutrality. Everyone deserves an open Internet.”

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